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標題: Declaration on Purchasing Sex: Conception, Work and Target [打印本頁]

作者: pc_lund    時間: 2010-12-22 05:46     標題: Declaration on Purchasing Sex: Conception, Work and Target

{Sex Client Group, Sex Fighters for Laissez-faire}
Declaration on Purchasing Sex:  Conception, Work and Target

We live in a world where sex clients and sex workers are alike in being subjected to discrimination by all .
Where comes such stigma is inexplicable, the reason being, the public totally fail to understand the sex clients.
Buying sex is basically a behavior that is legal.
We believe that under most circumstances, buying sex is proper.
We believe that irrespective of sex (male, female and others), religion, and race, buying sex is a human right.
We believe that the right to buy sex is part of human right and should therefore be respected.
We believe that buying sex is not sordid.
We believe that buying sex is one out of many forms of sexual behaviour.
We believe that, for some, buying sex is their sole legal and feasible sex outlet.
We believe that buying sex is one of our daily needs and is fun.
We believe that, with the consent of your partner, buying sex is absolutely to be encouraged.
We believe that buying sex has the effect of emotional balance and release of pressure.  Due to such effects, it can often stabilize the family.
We believe that buying sex has its unique potential for exploring sex techniques and sex sentiments.  It thereby has the potential for the space within which to explore multi-lateral and non-possessive man-woman relation.

The Work and Target of the Clients’ Group
*Provide the opportunity for other people in our society to understand what the behaviour of buying sex is really like.
*To understand the circumstances faced by the clients of sex and their needs (and to extend advice and help if possible)
*Concern for the heath and safety of sex clients.
*Provide a secure setting for clients of sex to express their perplexities and needs.
*Provide the knowledge and skill related to buying sex; and to improve relation between sex workers and their clients.
*Study the relation between society and the clients of sex within it and the societal role of these clients.
*Promote the establishing of a win-win relation between sex clients and sex workers in the spirit of equality and mutual respect.
*Concern about the conception of sex harboured by other social groups and the pressure they constitute.
*Concern about the law and government policies from the perspective that the right to sex and its related freedom and autonomy should not be interfered with.
*Educate society to respect the freedom and autonomy of other people’s right to sex.
*Adult sex education, and upgrading the quality of sex life among Hong Kong people.

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